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State Parks and Marketing

March 20, 2011

About a month ago I found a great article that ties in corporate social responsibly with a new marketing method. The article describes how big name companies, like Coca-Cola, North Face, Juicy Juice, are reaching out to provide funding to local and state parks. By teaming up with parks, the brands are able to reach consumers at a very local level in a natural setting. It’s a great way for brands to target consumers who frequent state parks, and the state parks need the funding. The article states that “people make 730 million annual visits to state parks.” Companies have found an ingenous way to tap into the number, all while aligning with an environmental cause. And parks are a great way to reach consumers unobtrusively. Park goers are typically very active and are highly educations, making them a great target audience for brand names.

Corporate social responsibility has become a hot issue among brand names. The more creative a brand can get, the more recognition it’s going to receive. And it all helps solidify the brand name was socially conscious. In the economic downturn, state parks are often faced with budget cuts. State parks then needed a creative way to bring in money. And why not tap into large corporations who are looking to showcase their commitment to providing for communities?

In the end it’s a win-win for both the state park and the company. The companies are able to market themselves to highly active, highly educated people, all with showing their commitment to being socially responsible. And state parks are able to get the funding they need for new playgrounds, better maps, and reforestation efforts.

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