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Google Vs. Bing

June 6, 2011

Will Bing ever fully replace Google’s search capabilities? To me, no. Maybe it’s because I’m fully immersed myself into all the Google’s applications (gmail, docs, calendar) or because Google has been around since I first started using computers. I’m a 100% devotee to Google. However, recently my computer has started to use Bing for some of my searches. (FYI – my computer has a mind of its own.) Since I can’t explain a single thing about how technology or the internet works, I started thinking about the differences in advertising between the two companies. That’s more up my alley of interests!

Over the years, Google has become a common household name. Google is a noun or a verb. “Just google it” is a common phrase to me. People use ‘google’ to mean ‘to look something up online’ even if they plan on using a different search engine. And everyone understands what you mean. Don’t think we can say the same for Bing, yet. “Just Bing it.” – doesn’t have that ring to it.

I decided to look up some ads for each company to see what is their audience. Interestingly (or not so much), I had a difficult time finding advertisements for Google. But when I think about it more, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an ad for Google. While there are ads out there for Google Chrome and other features, I couldn’t find a single ad on Google as a search engine. Has Google become so integrated into our lives that advertising isn’t necessary?

However, when Bing was first launched back in 2009 Microsoft created a large ad campaign. Advertising magazines speculated that the campaign’s total spending was between $80 and $100 million. Their focus was on showing how consumers are dissatisfied with current search engines, namely with Google. Most of their ads have a humorous aspect in order to show Bing’s capabilities as a search engine. Their recent campaign is “Bing Search Overload Syndrome.” Bing is positioning itself as a search engine where you don’t get lost in all the links – Bing claims to be more “personalized.” They want to be known as the “decision engine.” They’ve also partnered with Facebook to show who of your friends have “liked” things to help you better decide. It’s a smart move to integrate a search engine with social media. Think Google will launch something similar with another social media site?

I have to wonder – how effective is Bing’s advertising efforts?  Do you bing or google?

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