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Learning Adult Lessons

September 3, 2011

They say that growing up isn’t easy, and they got that right. I’ve learned more about life in the few short months that I’ve been out of college than I have in my 22 years of life. Some lessons come with the territory, some with career choices, and some simply come because life can get complicated at our age. The following list is a few valuable lessons I’ve learned since graduation. Some are short notes and pretty obviously, others took me a while to discover.

1. Live with an apartment-mate. One you like is best.

2. Being single can be a lot of fun. I know a bunch of people getting married at my age. I applaud them for taking that leap, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. This stage of a recent grad’s life is full of changes. It’s a perfect time to be selfish and focus on yourself.

3. Always check to make sure you have your wallet. I’ve left the house countless time without my wallet or phone. I get thinking about a million and half things when I’m walking out the door, causing me to forget something important. Take a few extra moments before you head out to make sure your head is screwed on straight.

4. Listen to all the advice you can get. We are young and definitely don’t have the world figured out yet. Does anyone actually have it all figured out?

5. Represent your school. Graduation was just 4 months ago, and I’ve already been hit up to donate to my alma mater. Obviously they haven’t looked at the salaries for entry-level positions. But there are other ways to support your school. Join the alumni network. Cheer on your sports teams. Meet other alums in your area. Donate your time instead of money.

While all recent alums are growing professionally, we must also remember to grow personally.  We are still young! I’ve gotten so wrapped up in finding that perfect job that I have slacked on other aspects of my life. Now is the best time for the young alums to focus on ourselves as we move from the college life to the real world where things aren’t as simple.

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  1. September 4, 2011 9:49 PM

    Isn’t this the truth? I leave my wallet and phone all the time. Looking to follow this tips when I jump into the real world soon!

  2. julie permalink
    September 5, 2011 1:09 AM

    You are an excellent writer Liza! A very wise statement regarding listening to advice. If I knew what I know now oh how I would have changed things the first time I walked into a UNC class.

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